Cowboys vs Texans

Cowboys vs Texans:: Sixteen years later, they will try to repeat this feat, because they will play the game in Dallas on Sunday evening at 8:20 pm on Sunday evening. ET.

Cowboys vs Texans Live

On the first night of 2002, the Houston Texans played their first game in the main time against the Dallas cowboys for 19-10. After winning last week a tough win, both teams are full of optimism. The Texas team earned its first victory in an extra thriller, and the Cowboys needed a decisive late catch to secure their victory against Lviv.

Houston started with a three-point home game, and the odds for the last Cowboys against the Texas team are 3.5. Las Vegas believes that the score exceeded or the total score rose sharply from 42 to 45.5. This season, both teams have a score of 1-3, so before choosing any of the cowboys against collectors in Texas, take a look at the projection model SportsLine.

Own computer model SportsLine beat more than 95% of the CBS Office Pool players in 2016 and 17 years with a score of 176-80 last season. During this time, experts monitored by performed better than 98% of the experts. In addition, last season’s estimates at level A were 48-34, while over the past two seasons, its centenary dollar has grown by almost $ 4,000.

In the fourth week of the project, they climbed right through 11–4 and scored three of their top four options, including Kansas City (-3.5) in Denver. This season’s leading best pick is 10-3, increasing the score to 58-37.

The computer has now simulated 10,000 times for the Texas team and the Cowboys to fight the proliferation and excessive choice. We can tell you that he has a tendency to exceed, but his bold selection of points can be found in almost 60% of cases on the SportsLine.

The model knows that a Texan offense begins and ends with a Defender of Deshawn Watson. Protecting him is not only important for a possible victory on Sunday, but also for the playoffs. Last week, the Colts fired him seven times and ripped off any chance to fight. Despite the enormous pressure, Watson still threw 375 yards and two points to pick up the “W”.

He hopes to send the ball fast to Dean Del Hopkins, who on Sunday received a 10-level grab and went 169 yards. He also captured a 5-yard strike TD. Hopkins’ rival, Will Fuller, is also a player with opponent Indy because he wants to play through a hamstring injury. Rookie Keke Coutee filled Fuller last week in the first 11 hauls of his NFL career. It is also doubtful that Texans rule Lamar Miller and his chest is damaged.

Last week, because of Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott, the crime of the Cowboys finally revealed a slight rhythm performed by more than 400 yards. More importantly, it allowed the Cowboys to achieve a record 2 wins and 2 losses. Although opponents of this week have a score of 1-3, they believe that they should be better. This Texan attack is more than 400 yards a week, mainly consisting of Deshawn Watson and his outstanding catchers. The problem with Houston has always been their defense, which usually allows opponents to compare this offensive data.

From statistics, this game in Cowboy-Texas on Sunday evening will have few obvious strengths and weaknesses. In fact, we tend to see many advantages – strengths and weaknesses – weaknesses. The problem is that Cowboys can find a small offensive sequence on the 0-2 road. So far, they have averaged 23.5 points at home, but only 10.5 points.

That’s right, the Texas defense allows the team in the Red Zone to switch this season. In 14 attempts, the opponent scored 11 times, and the Texas team did not play a team with an overall rating above the 15th. Houston is ranked 29th, with an average of 3.5 Red Zone trips per game and 2.8 trips before the end of the touchdown. In Houston, even the crime of giants has only 4 of 4 shots.

40% – the conversion rate of the red zone in the crime of the Cowboys

Cowboys just went to the Red Zone 10 times, only 5 teams and 2 teams scored less. The cowboys entered the Red Zone four times in six touchdowns, but the team scored eight goals. It does not help when you are also punished or have unnecessary problems with a defender. The Cowboys have a real chance here, but they must continue on their way.

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